An argument against the use of spanking as a disciplinary method

There have been numerous articles and political debates about the affects of spanking. I think these verses in Proverbs would be referring to this form of punishment only as an absolute last resort to save a young man or woman from disastrous consequences, like rebellion heading towards hell.

Also, if you indeed "show people respect, courtesy, and There are long-term effects that spanking can do to your child, a study at Tulane University shows that parents that spanked their kids at the age of three become more aggressive when they enter the age five.

As a result of these general principles, the burden is on spanking advocates to show that spanking is a morally legitimate and functional method. This opinion was recently confirmed.

Debate: Corporal punishment of children

The animal nature we harbor has nothing to do with this behavior. But to say that spanking often causes little or no long-term harm is completely different from saying that it is an ideal way to raise a child and should be continued.

Larry and his friends became angry, sullen and uncooperative as a result of the punishment. In this situation, it is best if you withdraw from the situation immediately. A child knows that every wrongdoing gets physical consequence, and that allows them to respect authority. Reply Scott Piland January 17, at 5: I believe you when you and others say that you were spanked when you were children, and yet grew up fine.

Many bad arguments do not add up to a good argument. There are many ways to discipline children. Furthermore, the studies usually include, and even emphasize, corporal punishment of adolescents, rather than focusing on preschool children, where spanking is more effective.

Hebrews 12 3 For consider Him who endured such hostility from sinners against Himself, lest you become weary and discouraged in your souls.

Child buttock-battering for the purpose of gaining compliance is nothing more than an inherited bad habit.

Spanking a Child – Is it Good or Bad?

If you spank or yell at your child, yes, they will stop whatever they were doing because they're afraid you will spank them again. In terms of the family, however, it would not be until that a country, Sweden, outlawed the use of corporal punishment.

But the rod of correction shall drive it far from him Proverbs All eight studies, including four randomised clinical trials, found that nonabusive smacking benefited children when it backed up milder disciplinary tactics with children aged 2 to 6 years.

Is It Right to Spank Your Children

Of course he did. What does the child learn in this situation? Reply donsands January 17, at 9: Again, every study that isolates mild spanking from abusive behaviors has found that non-abusive spanking is not harmful to children.

I appreciate your scriptural response!

Argument that Spanking is Never a Justifiable Punishment

The study asked about 2, mothers how often they spanked their child in the past month and they also asked questions about their kids balanced of aggression, and eight parenting risk factors. But the main issue is the level of correctness that the act of spanking can reach.

It is as if a serial killer who no longer murdered his victims, but merely physically tortured them claimed that physical torture was ok because his victims lives were improved relative to what they would have been if he murdered them.

The Face of Corporal Punishment: Bloggers Speak Out

I strongly consider that spanking is not necessary, at all. I would not use inattention as a punishment, and having a cool down time unforced seclusion is not a punishment at all in my book.

This is simply not something that can be proved.

Effective discipline for children

Appropriate disciplinary spanking can play an important role in optimal child development, and has been found in prospective studies to be a part of the parenting style associated with the best outcomes. Hitting one's children is therefore not likely instinctive at all.

Ask him if he really wanted to make his brother suffer just so he can gain a slight benefit. It is a human behavior, culturally acquired through imitation. Slaps and backhands to the face were therefore tolerated insofar as there was no excess or risk to the child's health.This new analysis evaluated a total of 1, studies related to the use of spanking children as a disciplinary measure used by parents.

Then, the list of studies was narrowed using the following criteria. General statements against corporal punishment Psychologist H. Stephen Glenn said "Corporal punishment is the least effective method [of discipline]. Punishment reinforces a failure identity. Punishment reinforces a failure /Debate:_Corporal_punishment_of_children.

Child spanking; Child spanking. 7 July Childhood; The cases for and against spanking of young children are many and diverse. But the main issue is the level of correctness that the act of spanking can reach. I believe that if parents will use spanking as a discipline method they should first include right learning with love before.

Mar 28,  · As for the studies that say spanking is bad, they never mention their definition of spanking (how hard and in what way are these parents "spanking") and what do they use to define aggression. Both of these are huge factors in determining what the study really shows.

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When spanking is used in conjunction with more of a humane disciplinary method, such as time outs, it seems to have a greater affect on children from ages two to six ( Also it seems that parents who use time outs along with.

An argument against the use of spanking as a disciplinary method
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