A comparison between the caste system and the biblical worldview

This gives Indian mythology a rather tragic tone. But you get the point? Maya is the belief that everything on earth is just an illusion, a product of how man perceives himself.

Hinduism: A Christian Perspective

He is deceived by his focus on this temporal and material world, and this ignorance gives rise to acts that result in bad karma and traps us in the cycle of reincarnation. Unlike in western context and culture where atheism, materialism and humanism are the primary worldviews, where once you establish existence of God, it is easy to present Jesus as God, whereas here in India people already believe that many gods and goddesses exist and all are deemed to be true.

In fact every person you encounter has different worldview. Caste systems are mostly justified within the higher ranks of the system. People on the lower tiers of the system will have more restrictions, and exclusions.

Examples, where religion was used to enforce caste systems, are the Dutch Reformed Christian church during the Apartheid regime of South Africa, and Hinduism enforcing the Varnashrama Dharma caste system still today.

Difference Between Buddhism and Hinduism

This website is designed to spread the vicious truth about the Bible. This is the Hindu view of the afterlife: Even within Hinduism there are multiple worldviews, sects and schisms, hence when you encounter different people you have to approach differently.

Caste systems are most often culture-specific, and while there are many variants of caste systems they are all identifiable within a certain region and culture group. Since the untouchables were in this situation in life, it must be because their karma from a previous life had dictated it.

A major reason for this was the lowering of the marriage age from fifteen or sixteen to ten and even five. If according to Pantheism all is Divine therefore all is God and hence no ultimate distinctions and diversity exists while only Unity is true then there is problem.

They would all be saved. As soon as they approached puberty, their fathers hastened to marry them off, and during their wedded lives they were to honor their husbands without reservation… This held true even if their husbands were deformed, aged, debauched, lived openly with other women, or showed them no affection.

First, Hinduism blames God for evil—not human beings. They maintain and guard jealously their lifestyle.

Difference Between Caste and Religion

It is this ignorance that gives rise to our bad actions which result in bad karma. The basic premise of the way of knowledge is that the cause of our bondage to the cycle of rebirths in this world is ignorance or avidya.

Though destitute of virtue, or seeking pleasure elsewhere, or devoid of good qualities, a husband must be constantly worshiped as a god by a faithful wife.Rick Rood gives us an understanding of this major world religion which is becoming more a part of the American scene with the growth of a Hindu immigrant population.

Taking a biblical worldview perspective, he highlights the.

Hinduism: A Christian Perspective

May 01,  · Caste is a system of social stratification, or grouping of people according to wealth, income, occupation, or social status. Caste is characterised by endogamy (marriage within the same class), inheritance of a lifestyle often linked to occupation, social status or hierarchical status, and permitted social interaction and exclusions.

Caste system - Hindu society is made up of four classes of people, called castes or varnas.

Comparing Hinduism with Christianity

The four castes, from highest to lowest, are: The four castes, from highest to lowest, are: Brahmins – priests. Home Hinduism: A Christian Perspective, May 27, September 8, Taking a biblical worldview perspective, he highlights the major differences between Hinduism and Christianity.

Outside the caste system are the untouchables or outcastes. Though outlawed in India in the late s, many in the countryside are still considered outcastes. By contrast, the Bible teaches that there is only one God, who exists in three separate centers of consciousness (see “Defending the Trinity”).

Hindu thinking is pantheistic and polytheistic, while Christianity is triune and monotheistic. Creation: cyclical or ex nihilo? The Bible teaches creatio ex nihilo or “creation out of nothing.” The Bible teaches a.

a comparison between the caste system and the biblical worldview An essay on inherit the wind The battle lines and formations are starkly an analysis of the spiritual theme of the play everyman visible: coastal versus inland, urban versus rural, globalist versus.

A comparison between the caste system and the biblical worldview
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